Label: Karnatic Lab Records
Releasedatum: 2005
Paximadi is not only the tooth cracking hard bread from Greece, but also the debut CD of new folk music from Messing met PVC featuring Martha Mavroidi. This versatile trio jams playfully through cracking hard dances, introspective ballads and fun improvisations, performing with plenty of warmth. Besides the wooing trumpet, special here are the heart stopping Bulgarian style singing and the two-meter tall contrabass flute, driving the grooves. This music is fun, rich and evocative.

Line - up

Gijs Levelt
Ned McGowan
PVC contrabass flute, flute
Martha Mavroidi
voice, lafta, darbouka,frame drum, tuning fork


Ned McGowan, Gijs Levelt and Theo van Tol
Theo van Tol
recording, mix and mastering
Carst van der Molen
graphic design and artwork
Bob Stone
band photography