Vetnasj Records
In 2016, the AKB celebrated its twentieth anniversary with the release of a special album: Oyoyoy. On their fourteenth album, the band searches for the heart of their musical inspiration and explores the boundaries of their own eclectic and influential style. As a bonus, the AKB invited five friends to remix some of the new songs. The result: seven infectious Klezmer tracks that keep traditional music fresh, urgent and very danceable. Oyoyoy is the natural next step in the evolution of progressive Klezmer from Amsterdam.

Line - up

Jasper de Beer
Double bass, backing vocals on #13
Job Chajes
Alto saxophone, vocals on #1, 3, 4, 13, organ on #2
Alec kopyt
Percussion, vocals on #2, 6, 7, 11, 12
Gijs Levelt
Trumpet, backing vocals on #13
Joop van der Linden
Janfie van Strien
Clarinet, extra percussion on #2, 3, darbuka on #5
Theo van Tol
Fay Lovsky
Vocals, drimba and glockenspiel on #1
Carelain Bergtop
Backing vocals on #4
Amina Bitondo-Wijntje
Backing vocals on #4
Bokkie Vink
Cimbalom on #7
Willem Verburg
Speaking voice on #13


Amsterdam Klezmer Band & Kasper Frenkel
Kasper Frenkel
Recording and mixing
Michiel Cornelisse
Martin Draax
Design and artwork