Label: Vetnasj Records
Releasedatum: 2016
In 2016, the AKB celebrated its twentieth anniversary with the release of a special album: Oyoyoy. On their fourteenth album, the band searches for the heart of their musical inspiration and explores the boundaries of their own eclectic and influential style. As a bonus, the AKB invited five friends to remix some of the new songs. The result: seven infectious Klezmer tracks that keep traditional music fresh, urgent and very danceable. Oyoyoy is the natural next step in the evolution of progressive Klezmer from Amsterdam.

Line - up

Jasper de Beer
double bass, backing vocals
Job Chajes
alto saxophone, vocals, organ
Alec Kopyt
percussion, vocals
Gijs Levelt
trumpet, backing vocals
Joop van der Linden
Janfie van Strien
clarinet, percussion, darbuka
Theo van Tol
Fay Lovsky
vocals, drimba, glockenspiel
Carelain Bergtop
backing vocals
Amina Bonito-Wijntjes
backing vocals
Bokkie Vink
Willem Verburg
speaking voice


Amsterdam Klezmer Band
Kasper Frenkel
producer, recording and mix
Michiel Cornelisse
Martin Draax
design and artwork