Deep Fried Angel Fish - 1

The first mini CD by Gijs's jazz quartet Deep Fried Angel Fish has finally been released. More details...

Man Bites Dog Eats Amsterdam Klezmer Band

De Amsterdam Klezmer Band and Man Bites Dog come together to form a 10 man ensemble. The bands found common ground in their mutual love for the music of the Balkans. This CD was produced by Gijs in cooperation with Tobias Klein. More details...

De Amsterdam Klezmer Band & The Galata Gypsy Band - Katakofti

Kulsan introduced De Amsterdam Klezmer Band to The Galata Gypsy Band, Gypsy musicians from Edirne, Turkey. In December 2002 they recorded the CD Katakofti at Arif Sag's famous ASM Studio in Istanbul. Besides being one of the musicians, Gijs was also involved in the production of this CD. More details...

The Herb Spectacles - The Incredible World of...

In June 2003 the debut CD of The Herb Spectacles was released by Excelsior Recordings. It included the song The Little House, written by Gijs, which was used for the famous swimming pool scene in the Dutch film Phileine Zegt Sorry. More details...

De Amsterdam Klezmer Band met Bob Fosko

This mini CD was recorded by De Amsterdam Klezmer Band at the time of their tour of the Dutch club circuit with Bob Fosko at the start of 2003. Including 'Hou jij maar je bek' and 'Gevaarlijke man'. More details...

Bhedam - Rickshaw Chase

Rickshaw Chase is the result of a collaboration between Bhedam and the young Indian percussionists Manjunath and Srihari. In January 2002 Bhedam toured through Southern India for a month. At the end of their stay this CD was recorded at the Parekh Studio in Bangalore. More details...

De Amsterdam Klezmer Band - Limonchiki

Limonchiki was released at the end of 2001 by the New York label Knitting Factory. It includes 'Chajes' and 'Nanos', written by Gijs. And of course the smash hit 'Limonchiki', sung by Alec Kopyt. More details...

De Amsterdam Klezmer Band - Mala Loka

Gijs's first composition to appear on CD: the klezmer-ska song 'Pluk'. This CD also contains the original version of Job Chajes's klezmer rap song 'A Chassid in Amsterdam'. More details...

De Amsterdam Klezmer Band

The debut CD of De Amsterdam Klezmer Band, re-released in 2003 by BV Haast. Including 'Kolomeika' and 'Noushka'. And... as a special guest: Janfie van Strien on sopranino and clarinet. More details...

Other recordings featuring Gijs include:

De Boventoon - A-Records 73018
Traffic Jam - Splank! the trunk-o-funk compilation CD
Jazzmania Big Band - Target Practice - MSA 9601
Timuçin Sahin - Chamber Music
Babyface Armstrong (Jim de Groot) - 3 Vestal Virgins - d'Witte Pelicaen
Babyface Armstrong (Jim de Groot) - Mama - Rana 42751
Babyface Armstrong (Jim de Groot) - As you wish - Arcade CNR Music 2004287
De Parels en de Funkie Reddingsbrigade - Alle Remmen Los - Splank! Records 003
De Parels en de Funkie Reddingsbrigade - Vibes that keep you alive - Splank! Records 005
Arthur Ebeling - A Rainy Night in Paris - Basta 30-9081-2
Rude Rich & The High Notes - Change the Mood - Grover Gro-cd 051
Luie Hond - Hier is... Luie Hond - AG Music AGM 1292
Mimezine - Feed the Monkey - The Electric Co. TEC 005
Smilin' Osei - Wayo Tactics - Dakar Sound DKS 024, Coast to Coast CTC-2990468
Ned McGowan - Tools - Karnatic Lab Records KLR 011
Di Fidl Kapelye - Trumpets for Di Fidl Kapelye - Music & Words MWCD 4055